We love providing new features that support our members, and more importantly open up doors for working together to take responsibility and give back. We are incredibly excited to help you tell your giving stories by building it into your 1% for the Planet commitment. 

Our approved and streamlined digital display and social advertising platform will allow you to highlight your 1% giving commitment in a simple and credible way, bringing more awareness to the issues you care most about and the nonprofit partners who are doing the great work on the ground to create positive change for the planet. 

Our primary goal is to connect like-minded consumers directly to our members via our easy to use standard advertising program or in enhanced ways with our custom offerings. Read more below to get started.With this program, members are now able to count advertising for up to 1/4 of the overall 1% commitment — and we see this as a win-win for all.

1% for the Planet CEO, Kate Williams, gives an overview of the business member Approved Advertising Platform
  • Win. The causes you care most about and the support you give to your nonprofit partners receive increased awareness via digital advertising with
    our strategic media partners, highlighting your business in a brand new way and using those advertising dollars as part of your 1% commitment!

  • Win. The nonprofit(s) you support gain similar exposure they otherwise would likely not get. Their work is presented to audiences who care most about working hard to protect our planet.

  • Win. The ad program helps spread the word about the global 1% For The Planet movement.

How It Works

Enhanced Program

Standard Program

Fully automated
  1. First, choose either a social or display ad campaign What's this?
  2. Enter basic info about you and your supported nonprofit
  3. Enter desired campaign budget (and see how many impressions you'll receive automatically)
  4. Upload an image you'd like us to use as part of the ad
  5. Select your campaign timeframe
  6. That's it! We'll take care of designing your ad and will reach out directly for approval and to deliver your program invoice. PLUS we'll even document your spend automatically so you don't have to submit a receipt to our team!

This unique program includes features such as:

  • Design exclusive and custom creative ad units
  • Select placements and media programs with our partner publications
  • Gain access to exclusive media partner pricing
  • Identify enhanced targeting
  • Receive enhanced reporting
  • Develop strategic campaigns unique to your company and nonprofit(s)
  • This program provides a deep level of creative execution and strategic goals.

Visit our gallery for custom examples.
Contact us below to get started on your enhanced program today.

The Benefits

  • Utilize advertising as part of your 1% commitment

  • Take advantage of exclusive pricing and placements from our media partner websites

  • Increase exposure for you and your nonprofit(s) beneficiary

  • Connect with like-minded consumers through our easy to use, automated, and turn-key standard program or in unique ways with our enhanced program

  • Get seen on some of the best environmental and socially conscious websites in the world, when you may not have been able to before

  • Work together with other participating 1% members to collectively maximize everyone’s advertising dollars

  • Help bring more exposure to the 1% For The Planet movement - for new businesses, nonprofit partners, and individual members

  • Receive automatically generated and submitted receipts to make your 1% reporting simple

  • All advertisements created through the approved advertising platform are guaranteed to meet the standards necessary to have it count toward your 1% commitment.


Why this new initiative?

We love providing new features that support our members and more importantly open up doors for working together for the greater good. You can now put your 1% commitment into a digital ad campaign that highlights both you and your partner non-profit counting towards your 1%. This program is an opportunity for members to use their 1% commitment in a brand new way -- and we see this as a win-win for all: Win. Your company gets increased brand awareness via digital advertising with our strategic media partners with dollars you have already committed to. Win. The non-profit(s) you care about suddenly gains similar exposure they otherwise would not. Win. 1% for the planet gets a shout out as well.

What is the difference between standard and enhanced programs?

Standard Program is currently supported by one display unit and/or one social advertising layout. With supporting text and creative the Key Elements include:
-Highlighting your company
-Highlighting the non-profit(s) you support
-1% for the planet mention

Enhanced Program opens the door for deeper creative options our media partners can support and are strategically built collectively by our team.

What is the difference between a social media ad and a display ad?

A display ad is a visual unit displayed on a digital publication news site.

A social media ad is paid content served on a social media network (eg. Facebook, Instagram, etc.). Both approaches are extremely powerful and we can help you decide what’s best for you.


When will my ads run?

All Standard Program ads will run in monthly flights. In order to participate in the following month of ad programming, all businesses must sign up by the 15th of the previous month.

Where will my ads display?

Your standard unit will display on our media partner sites viewed by values-based, environmentally focused consumers.

Your enhanced campaigns will display on our media partner sites viewed by values-based, environmentally focused consumers.

How do we make changes?

All concerns or requests can be sent to good_ads@tgwstudio.com and we’ll get right back to you!

What publications will my ad be seen on?

Your ad unit will be viewed across our network of partner publications that align with our values. Examples include Mother Jones, Grist and Mother Earth News.

What's the minimum spend?

It is important all our members have the opportunity to advertise with us so standard program is a $800 minimum spend and increases from there. Contact us to learn more about the Enhanced program options and budget tiers.

Can I purchase beyond my 1%?

Absolutely. The beauty of this program is not only can you use budget dollars from your 1% commitment, but your budget can be as robust as you’d like it to be - this approach will support your other communication and marketing initiatives and is a new way to gain exposure, increase brand awareness, and align strongly with us.

What do the units look like?

Take a look at some examples in our 1% display ad gallery. Our Standard Program is currently supported by 1 display unit layout and 1 social advertising layout. Our Enhanced Program level opens the door for many additional creative options that our media partners support.

Will I get a report?

Yes! You will receive a customized report at the end of your campaign.

Can I spread my spend across the year?

Absolutely, this depends on your budget and unit availability- contact us to find out more.